Preventative Health




You must provide your medical examiner with the following information:

  • Date onset of psychiatric condition.
  • Name and location of treating health care professional.
  • What interventions have been done.
  • Medications you are taking.
  • Treatment plan.
  • Side effects of medication. 
  • Report: Any history of chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue, hospitalizations/holds, mental instability, anxiety, counseling, ECT, homicidal, suicidal ideation or attempts.



Do not certify:

w  Actively psychotic

w  Prominent negative symptoms, including:

Ø  Substantially compromised judgment.

Ø  Attentional difficulties.

Ø  Suicidal behavior or ideation.

Ø  Personality disorder that is repeatedly manifested by overt inappropriate acts.

w  Treatment side effects that interfere with safe driving.

w  Uses a sedating anxiolytic

w  Uses a controlled substance without appropriate documentation from prescribing PCP. 


Waiting periods: 

w  Non-psychotic major depression without suicide attempt: 6 months

w  Severe depression episode, manic episode, suicide attempt: 1 year

w  Brief reactive psychosis: 6 months

w  Following ECT: 6 months symptom free


Certify if: stable, tolerating medications with no unacceptable side effects


Certification period:

w  One year

w  Specific diagnoses:

w  ADHD: one year.

w  Anxiety disorder: one year. ( Driver on benzodiazepines; increased crash risk.  Disqualification recommended.)

w  Bipolar disorder: one year.

w  Chronic schizophrenia:  not qualified.

w  Depression: one year.