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iClinicalRecords - Electronic Health Record Portal

EHR for Cases with initial visit on or after 7/1/14
EHR for Cases with initial visit on or after 7/1/14

Clicking on the iClinicalRecords icon, will take you to our secure Electronic Health Record (EHR) portal. You will be required to submit your user name and password to obtain access records. To set up an account please contact us by e-mail:


Navigation Instructions:

1) Select Patient

Click on the drop-down arrow at the first box under Patient Information. This will show you a list of your company’s workers’ comp patients seen at one of our clinics. Click on the name of the patient you wish to review, and the next screen will appear.

2) Work Status

Shows basic data including last and next visit, disability status and date, and any restrictions.

3) Reports

Employers may review (and print) actual reports in Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, click on the icon below to get a free download from Adobe.

When you choose to view a report the first time for a patient, Acrobat Reader will open and display the report. To see another report for that patient, close the report by clicking on the “x” at the upper right, and choose another date or another report.

4) First Report

You may view (and print) the First Report from the initial visit. This report (by law) is sent to the Workers Compensation insurance company after the initial visit. The insurance adjustor may deem the visit “First Aid” if it meets their criteria.

5) Status (Capability) Reports

View a status report for each visit date by choosing the date from the “Report Date Ranges” box. This would also show the next plan of treatment and the date of the next appointment.

If you have further questions regarding our EHR portal, please contact:


Sassan Amini, Director of Marketing