Preventative Health


Stacy Medical Center was founded by Steven H. Florman, M. D. and Zenon Zuk, M.D. in 1989.  Since that time the clinic has been open 24/7 providing medical care to workers and who have sustained injuries or illnesses while on the job. The physicians and ancillary health care providers specialize in occupational and industrial medicine. They are qualified to handle the medical and regulatory needs your employees may require, and help them navigate through the numerous legalities of the complex workers' compensation system. We are occupational medicine.

Stacy Medical Center is an Occupational & Industrial Medicine Clinic. We have California licensed health care professionals on site 24/7. We offer pre-placement physical examinations, medical surveillance programs and ergonomic advice to help keep your workforce happy, healthy & productive.

Clinical research supports our belief that injured workers should receive necessary diagnostic tests and treatment without delay in order to allow them to recover from their illness and return to productive work as soon as practical. Adhering to this philosophy makes it is possible to minimize our patients morbidity while reducing the overall cost of the workers' compensation claim.