Preventative Health

Industrial & Occupational Medicine


Since 1989 Stacy Medical Center has been providing medical care to workers who have sustained injuries or illnesses while  on the job. The center was founded by Steven H. Florman MD and  Zenon Zuk, MD; the goal was to deliver state-of-the-art health care in a clean and comfortable environment, for a reasonable fee.


Stacy Medical Center is a Occupational & Industrial Medicine Clinic. We have California licensed health care professionals on site 24/7 to serve your  needs; when you are injured or ill, we are here for you!


We offer pre-placement physical examinations, medical surveillance programs and ergonomic advice to help keep Americas  workforce happy, healthy & productive.


Clinical studies show, workers injured on the job that receive diagnostic tests and treatment without delay recover from their injury / illness sooner with less lost work time. Adhering to this philosophy makes it is possible to minimize our patients morbidity while reducing the overall cost of the workers' compensation claim.