Preventative Health



You must provide your medical examiner with the following information:

·       Date onset of arrythmia.

·       Stability.

·       Treatment plan.

·       Treating Health Care Prpfessional.

·       Symptoms.

Report: chest pain, shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, shortness of breath when sleeping, swelling of ankles, adverse reactions and side effects of medication. For pacemakers you will need documentation of pacemaker function.  If anticoagulated, document INR’s  and stability.


Certification following Atrial Fibrillation Diagnosis:

1)    Tolerating medications with no unacceptable side effects.

2)    Clearance from treating cardiologist.

3)    Rate and rhythm controlled.

4)    No underlying disqualifying disease.

5)    Waiting period:  at least one month after starting anticoagulant.  

6)    Monitoring: 

a)    None if not anticoagulated.

b)    Monthly INR’s if anticoagulated.


Certification Period Maximum:  one year.


Disqualify for:

1)    Rate/rhythm not controlled.

2)    Anticoagulation inadequate.


Certification Following Implant of Pacemaker:

1)    Documented satisfactory functioning

2)    Clearance by treating cardiologist

3)    No underlying disqualifying disease

4)    Waiting period:  one month post implantation

5)    Monitoring:  documentation of pacemaker checks


Certification Period Maximum:  one year


Disqualify for:  

1)    Underlying disqualifying disorder

2)    No documentation of pacemaker function


Implantable Cardio-Defibrillator:   (ICD)

1)    Not Qualified / Certifiable