Preventative Health

Engerix-B Vaccine To Be Discontinued

Attention: Patients and Human Resources Department


Please be informed of an upcoming change in the HBV* immunization protocol. Effective 8/1/2018 Engerix-B will be phased out at Stacy Medical Center and Alameda Industrial Medical Group. An improved vaccine for adults against HBV* has been approved by the FDA. Heplisav-B is proven to be more effective when given in 2 doses over 1 month vs. Engerix-B when given in 3 doses over 6 months.
What this means to our patients and employers:
  • Greater than 90% rate of protection with Heplisav-B vs 81% rate of protection with Engerix-B.
  • Achieve immunity to HBV in 1 month with Heplisav-B vs 6 months with Engerix-B.
  • Less morbidity.
  • Increased compliance.
  • Minimizes patients lost to follow-up.
  • Less down time for employees at healthcare professionals office.
  • Less record keeping.

A single dose of Heplisav-B will be $149.00, equating to a total cost of $298.00 for the series. Taking into account the efficiency and higher rates of protection this vaccine pays for itself.

For those patients who have already started their HBV vaccination series with Engerix-B; our protocol will be to complete the vaccination series by administering 3 Engerix-B doses over 6 months as approved by the FDA.

Engerix-B will be discontinued from stock at Stacy Medical Center and Alameda Industrial Medical Group after 2/28/2019.

*HBV (Hepatitis B Virus)