Preventative Health


Electronic Data Exchage (EDEX) is the State of California workers’ compensation database system that provides public access to past and current litigated workers’ compensation case history.

By utilizing EDEX we can examine an applicant’s current and past workers’ compensation history, including type of injury and part of body injured. This information allows us to more accurately determine whether an applicant is capable of performing the essential functions of their intended job.

This information is valuable because it can help you make more informed hiring decisions.


How EDEX Works 

It is crucial to understand the intricacies of the law prior to accessing this information. First each employer (client) must apply to the “State of California” through Stacy Medical Center (subscriber) and obtain an EDEX client number. The application process takes approximately 5 working days. Stacy Medical Center will then add EDEX to your physical protocol after successfully obtaining a client number for you. When the applicant arrives for their pre-placement physical exam they will be asked to complete a health questionnaire. The EDEX system will then be queried by social security number and cross-referenced by applicant name and DOB. The State typically returns the results to our clinic within 36 hours of the query. A “NO-MATCH” is interpreted as a negative EDEX. If the query returns a “MATCH” a physician at Stacy Medical will then perform an EDEX Verification. As part of the verification process the reviewing physician will request that the applicant return to the clinic with a P&S report for all injuries listed on the EDEX. We will then compare the permanent work restrictions listed within the P&S report with the essential functions of the job for which the applicant is seeking work and only then make a determination as to whether the applicant is fit for the proposed duty. The length of the verification process varies as it depends on how quickly the applicant can obtain their prior medicals.