Preventative Health

DOT / CMV Examination

Alameda Industrial Medical Group and Stacy Medical Center are located in direct proximity to the Alameda Corridor, the heart of distribution in the Western United States. There is an abundance of intermodal companies and employers engaged in transportation services; we take your business seriously. We have 5 Certified Medical Examiners on site. Our clinics are ready to provide D.O.T. physical examinations 7am to 7pm Monday – Saturday. We are here to help you and your drivers meet all Federal and State mandated requirements that became effective as of 5/21/2014.

The intent of these examinations is to detect physical, physiological or mental defects that may affect the CMV driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Our providers may disqualify, temporarily disqualify,  defer for follow-up, or limit the duration of certification if significant questions are raised about a driver’s ability to safely operate a commercial vehicle. This examination is required at least biannually (every two years).

The components of the D.O.T. physical include:

  • Verification of Drivers ID Proper completion of DMV forms by the applicant.
  • Basic physical examination.
  • Urinalysis
  • Auditory acuity (Audiogram / Forced Whisper)
  • Visual acuity

The driver is asked to complete the health history portion of the DOT medical form. The driver will then be examined by a licensed medical professional who is listed on the National Directory of Certified Medical Examiners. During the encounter, the medical examiner will:

  • Verify the driver’s identity.
  • Perform the driver’s health history, explaining any yes answers
  • Complete the medical examination following the instructions on the medical form.
  • Complete all required tests, noting test results where indicated on the medical form Include any explanations of any conditions or defects that must be noted.
  • Explain any special findings or test results not in an acceptable range.
  • Check all items on the medical from to indicate if the driver is medically qualified, medically disqualified or temporarily medically disqualified.
  • Complete the certification section on the DOT form.
  • Electronically transmit the examination results to the FMCSA: Form Number: MCSA-5850.
  • Ask driver to verify the accuracy of the MEDICAL EXAMINER’S CERTIFICATE” and sign.